Things to Bring During Hiking Trips

If you are hiking for the first time, you might want to check on the things you want to put in your backpack. Basically, you have to think about what you need, what might happen during the trip, and the backpack weight. Take note of those in mind when deciding on how much of these things you are going to take with you on the trip:

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  1. Water (or any hydrating beverage or food) – Avoid taking alcohol, soda, and coffee with you because these drinks makes you more dehydrated. Buy water or other hydrating beverages instead. You can also take hydrating food like cucumber and tomatoes.
  2. Energy-boosting Food – When you are going to a hiking adventure, you will need all the energy that you can get. But of course you will have to pack lightly as you can. Pack some energy bars in your backpack so you can have some extra energy aside from lightly packed lunches or dinners.
  3. First Aid kit – Sometimes accident happen, and you can do nothing about it except to prepare for the accident. A first aid kit should always be a must for hikers, and it should be enough for the whole group.
  4. Map and Compass – This is very important especially if it is the first time you are entering that trail. Be sure that you know how to use a map and compass though; they might take you somewhere worse if you don’t. 
  5. Sunscreen and Sunglasses – Hiking without sunglasses can be a literal pain and danger to your eyes. Without any sunblock for your skin, the exposed parts can end up red or colored darker than your usual.
  6. Warm Sweater or Jacket – It really depends on the weather and climate of the area, but always bring a sweater with you. Late afternoons and nights can be too cold for your liking. Also, the long sleeves can prevent insects from biting or sucking onto your skin.
  7. Raincoat – You will never know when rain will pour, so bring your raincoat with you before hiking. Using an umbrella is okay as well, but raincoats can be better for enclosed areas and heavy raining.
  8. Flashlight or Lamp – The moon can’t be only light source you have. Take some flashlights and lamps with you for your light source. Pack some extra batteries to in case of emergency. In case you want to use candles, never bring scented types.
  9. Fire Starter, Dryer Lint, or Waterproof Matches – A hiking and camping trip won’t be complete without a warm campfire before bed. Having a fire starter or dryer lint with you would be the best way to make one. If you have waterproof matches, take some of those too.
  10. Pocketknife – A pocketknife can be used in more ways than one, and it will be useful for all of your hiking and camping trips. Always keep it safely in your pocket, backpack, or fanny pack if you want. Just get it ready when you need it.