Hiking For A Cause In New Jersey

I love hiking in forest parks. It gives me the calm I need after a grueling week at work. I would always have backup hiking shoes and clothes in my car so that I can just pull over when I see a beautiful spot. New Jersey may be a big city, but we have lots of hiking trails to enjoy.


However, I have noticed something disturbing in one of my hikes. I see some pile of garbage along the trails. I do not know whether these were deliberately thrown by people or were remnants from scavenging wildlife. I felt a sense of responsibility and tried to pick-up litter as I go. However, there is just too much. Some hikers sometimes mistake me as a sanitary worker, but I do not mind. Good thing, some hikers (one of whom works as a bail bondsman in Torrance) joined me in picking up some trash.


It was a dull moment until I reached the end of the hiking trail. I saw a group of volunteers gathering around and invited me to come over. I realized that there was a clean-up drive sponsored by a dumpster rental company. I was so enthused to join and I am even more delighted to see other hikers participate.


We filled a 20 cubic yard roll-off container in no time! The dumpster company immediate hauled the container, and everything around us looked great again. If you are looking for a dumpster service, I highly recommend the waste management and carpet cleaning company that helped in the clean-up. Aside from being professional, they have a concern for Mother Nature. You may visit website to know more about their services.


Now that we discussed hiking trails, I want to share with you the top hiking trails here in New Jersey. These have easy treks that kids can also enjoy.


Pyramid Mountain Natural Historic Area 

You will be amazed how a giant boulder is well-balanced on three smaller rocks, thus, the name Tripod Rock. It may look unsteady, but it is safe. Aside from the Tripod Rock and the views along the trail, you can see the shores of Taylortown Reservoir down the orange trail.


High Point State Park 

You may want to pack swimming gear when you go here because the trails lead to Lake Marcia. The park has a monument built to honor our war veterans. You can climb the monument and enjoy the beauty of Catskill and Pocono Mountain.


Stairway to Heaven 

As the name connotes, you will be met by rock slabs that look like stairs to go to the Wawayanda Mountain.


Castle Point Trail, Ramapo Mountain State Forest 

If you want to see a mansion ruins, this is your place. The trail is a bit challenging, but it will lead you to gorgeous views of a lake and the ruins of the Van Slyke mansion built by a stockbroker in early 1900.


Palisades Interstate Park 

This is my favorite trail. It is in the New Jersey-New York boundary. Once you are on the side of New York, you can trek on the stone steps to get to the base of the Peanut Leap waterfall. The waterfall is gorgeous, and the view of the Hudson River is mesmerizing.


I wish you will get the opportunity to trek these trails when you come to New Jersey. And please, don’t forget to bring a trash bag with you so that we can always keep the trails clean.