The Tararua Hiking blog is a fairly new one, but our readers have a lot to ask about the site and the hobbies of walking and hiking. Here are the answers for the frequently asked questions:

  • What’s the difference between walking and hiking?

Hiking is more inclined to natural trails, while walking involves those with asphalt, gravel, sand, etc. Also, the appropriate gear depends if you are aiming for walking, hiking, or one of the two with a mix of camping.

  • Are you going to focus on walking and hiking in New Zealand?

Our team members are diverse and are from different countries, so that means we have individual walking and hiking experiences. We will try to touch on every topic we could get, but we will possibly stick with mutual experiences first to stabilize our blogs first.

  • Is solo hiking allowed?

As far as we know, solo hiking is allowed in trails that are less dangerous and if there are tour      guides accompanying you. Technically, this will not be a solo thing anymore since you have a       companion during the hike, but you are going to take those pictures by yourself though.

  • Do I need a map for hiking or are there available tour guides?

Usually, tour guides are available for trails, especially the steep and dangerous ones. But just to be sure, bring with you your own map in case you need it for navigation.

  • Are there dangerous animals along the trails?

Hiking trails will possibly have non-dangerous animals, but walking trails are rarely like that. These trails are conditioned for human paths so animals may get frightened and turn away from travellers as much as possible.

  • Is being fit necessary for walking and hiking?

Of course! These activities can be strenuous for your health if you are not fit or practiced in        heavy activities. Do some cardiovascular exercises before going for a walk or hike.

  • How heavy do your packs weigh when you hike?

 It depends if we are walking, hiking, and how many days of camping there will be. But there are                 nice hiking gears for sale that are considered lightweight. You might want to check on those.

  • How frequent will you be posting in your blog?

We have a handful of people in the team now, and we plan to take rotations on writing articles. We usually post once or twice a week, depending on our schedules.

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