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Disappearing Bees, and its Effects

The need for pesticides in large-scale farms in the countryside has taken its toll on the wildlife of the forest, in particular, the bees. The more seasoned readers among you would know that severity of this situation. In my last walk, I have found that relatively less and fewer flowers have bloomed throughout the years, and entire bee hives lay empty. I took the time to call an old college friend of mine who works at a Pest Control Company Columbus Ohio, he told that the current pesticide used affects a specific part of certain bugs, unfortunately, this includes bees.

In the last few years the popularity of the statement “without humans the world would thrive (or continue to exist, depending on which version), but if bees ceased to exist, the world could die in three years.” This is becoming a reality; the disappearance of bees has been drastically happening in these last few years alone, if this continues we could see a terrible crisis in the next couple of years.

Humanity has become the most destructive force in this world; we must change for the sake of every living thing on this planet. The consequences of not changing are far greater than losing a few conveniences we get from destroying the environment.