Beautiful Hiking Trails Near Fresno

I love hiking with my dog on weekends. It is my chance to explore the great outdoors of Fresno after a long grueling week at work. It is also a time to give my dog Bruno a good stretch after staying in my apartment all day, with only twice a week walk from my visiting sister.

There are great hiking trails just outside Fresno. I never tire going there. Except in one instance when some ticks decided to hitchhike with Bruno on the way to our house. I did not notice the ticks right away. I only found it out when I was awakened by the constant shaking of the bed due to Bruno’s incessant scratching. I checked my dog’s skin and saw a bunch of ticks hiding in his ear! I almost leaped out of bed upon seeing the icky pests.

I brought my dog to his veterinarian first thing in the morning, just after I got my electrical wiring fixed by an electrician. Good thing, Bruno did not manifest any symptoms of Lyme disease, but the vet asked me to observe signs of weakness and bring my dog back if anything seems off. He was given treatment, and we were sent home.

Next step was to deal with any possible ticks remaining at home. I called the pest control company that helped me with my termite problem last year, and they were quick to respond. This company is reliable, and I am happy with their assurance that the treatment they will use is safe for my pet.

The dogs of my hiking friends did not experience any pest infestation after hiking. So, I’ve decided to go on another hike at the same trail where I suspected the tick infestation started. After, two more weeks of walking there, I did not spot any ticks on Bruno. It might be just an isolated case, or Bruno must have gotten it from another dog.

Regardless, I am happy that we can continue hiking without worrying about pests. We tried other trails, and I am glad to share them with you.

Lewis Creek Trail

You will never walk alone on this trail. There are plenty of groups visiting this beautiful trail. You will see a good mix of trees, creek, and even a waterfall. Just watch out for muddy puddles along the trail or hanging tree branches that could make your hike a bit challenging. Take note that it will be a little steep on the way back so pace yourself and take some rest. Don’t worry. You will surely get through it. Visit this website for more info.

Willow Creek Trail

This trail may offer a bit of a challenge because of the slippery rocks along the creek and the difficulty in finding the trail. But you will forget about the hardship once you are immersed in the incredible nature around you, such as the waterfalls and the creek.

However, I do not advise bringing kids on this trail because they have the tendency to run around and might slip on the rocks.

River Gorge Bridge Trail

You will see the beautiful San Joaquin River from the trail bridge. The good news is, it is the easiest path to navigate. It is mostly flat and dry, so it is an ideal hiking spot to bring your kids. There is a minimal fee when you go to this trail so don’t forget to bring some spare cash