Tararua Hiking is a blog for walking and hiking enthusiasts not just in New Zealand, but all around the world. Here you will discover the wonders of nature, basic information, guidelines, tips, trail recommendations, and other things connected to walking and hiking. We aim to build an informative platform for all those interested so that we can build a knowledgeable and diverse walking and hiking community. It is also a blog doubling for environmental protection and safe traveling.


The team is composed of walking and hiking enthusiasts from New Zealand, Australia, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, America, and Europe who only convened as a united group during a Tararua hiking trip in Wellington. Our group members are of different professions and fields, but the passion for walking and hiking has tremendously affected our cooperation and unity.  We started this blog to share our knowledge, experiences, and joys for these glorious hobbies.

Walking is not just about using your legs and feet; hiking is not just going about mountains. These two are much more complex and beautiful than that. It is much better than touching wild flowers swaying in the wind, picking up pretty stones on the trail, and seeing the sun shine at the mountain peak. It can dig deeper than your shoes in rain-induced mud, and the space beneath the dried but tall grass. Walking and hiking is revisiting nature, embracing its sounds and sights, and feeling the connection humans lost from all the technological advancement and busy day jobs.

Tararua Hiking would always welcome aspiring and inspired walking and hiking enthusiasts out there to read and follow our blog’s contents and articles. Also, if you are willing to work with us in building Tararua Hiking to its finest, please e-mail us at tararuahiking_official@gmail.com. We hope to hear from you soon. Happy walking and happy hiking!