Things to Bring During Hiking Trips

If you are hiking for the first time, you might want to check on the things you want to put in your backpack. Basically, you have to think about what you need, what might happen during the trip, and the backpack weight. Take note of those in mind when deciding on how much of these […]

Reasons Why You Will Love Hiking

The beauty of nature can be very compelling and glorious that it can hype you up to start hiking yourself. Something about the forests, grass, and mountains want to draw you out of the busy cities and grey pavements. Many hiking enthusiasts stayed with the hobby because of several reasons. If you want to try […]

Types of Walking and Hiking Trails You Should Try

An inspired walking and hiking enthusiast will likely try all types of trails he or she can get to experience. In the Walks and Hiking page, we have listed down the differences and the levels of walking and hiking. But truth be told, there are more classifications of walking and hiking trails. This article lists […]